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This site has determined the prevention of unauthorized access to the data of its customers and users as its basic privacy principle.

For this reason, the SITE may take various measures and impose restrictions in order to increase the level of confidentiality and security.

Which of your data is stored?

The SITE stores the necessary information for the USERS to benefit from the SITE. In keeping this information, the SITE shows the necessary technical care in accordance with national and international standards.

"Cookie" is used to uniquely identify you during your visit and use on the SITE. Cookies are simple text files on your computer that contain the information of the SITE. The SITE can only access and update its own Cookies.

This information is as follows:

For registered users

User Name, Password, Email Address, Address Information, Bank Information (if the USER shared), Payment System Information, Other Descriptive Information, Basic Analytics Information (expected, requested and collected by Google Analytics and/or other analytics services), IP address information

For unregistered users

Basic Analytical Information (expected, requested and collected by Google Analytics and/or other analytics services), a transmission, statistical and analytical information about any transaction made with other users on the SITE, IP address information

Which of your data is not stored?

The SITE does not store the private payment information of the transactions made between the USERS. You can find the list of not stored information below.
List of not stored information:

- Credit Card Expiry Date
- Credit Card Security Number

- Credit Card Number
- Information identifying the USER paying in payment systems

Sharing stored data

The site considers your personal information security rights as a priority for the protection of the data it stores. For this reason, the data collected on the SITE is not shared with third parties, companies and institutions.

However, the requested information may be shared with Official Institutions in case the USER is required to provide information due to the request of the authorized official authorities and due to the legal obligation of the SITE. For the details of these situations, you can review the "Terms of Use" agreement.

The rules in this agreement begin with the USER's use of the site and/or the acceptance of other agreements in which it is additionally defined, and continue throughout the USER's use of the SITE.

USERS are deemed to have accepted the provisions of this agreement from the moment they start to use the SITE and/or accept other agreements that are defined as attachments.